AIME Ballarat

AIME (Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience) is a structured educational program for Indigenous kids to access throughout their high school experience. Students completing the program are proven to finish school and transition to university, training and employment at the same rate as every Australian child – effectively closing the gap in educational outcomes.

AIME Ballarat: Room U114, Building U, Federation University, Mt Helen, 3350




AIME Mentoring  

Services matching "Volunteering"

  • University Mentors

    In terms of infrastructure support, university partners provide access to relevant venues for AIME program days. We also have access to their currently enrolled students - arguably one of the greatest untapped resources in the world - who are waiting for their moment to be called upon. We call upon these university students by offering the chance to become a mentor.  

    AIME staff attend lectures and tutorials where we show a video about AIME and invite the students to answer the call by expressing their interest in getting involved in the program by providing their contact details for us to follow up with them. Once a university student shows interest we send them one email on how to get involved with a link to an online application, which starts their journey towards becoming a mentor for a fairer world.

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Other services offered by AIME Ballarat

  • Highschool Students

    AIME staff visit all schools partnered with AIME and pitch the program to students, who then receive a year-specific application form to take home and complete. An application question asks why they want to be involved in AIME. The forms are signed by the Parent/Guardian and the contact teacher. There must be written or verbal permission obtained before the kids are involved in the program. Once forms are collected AIME staff liaise with contact teachers to arrange a time to return to the school to interview all Year 9-12 applicants. The Year 7 and 8 program starts later in the year and interviews with those students are conducted closer to the kick off date.

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