Ballarat & District Aboriginal Cooperative (BADAC)

The Ballarat and District Aboriginal Co-operative (BADAC) was established by members of the Ballarat and District Aboriginal community in 1979.
BADAC supports the health and wellbeing of the Ballarat and District Aboriginal community with a range of holistic services.

5 Market Street, Ballarat Central, VIC, 3350

(03) 5331 5344



Opening Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 9am – 5pm
Friday: 9am – 4pm

Services matching "Mental Health"

  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing Services (SEWB)

    The Social and Emotional Wellbeing service offers a diverse range of programs in a holistic and culturally appropriate manner.  

    Services include:

    -Support and Counselling

    -Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling

    -Youth Justice Support

    - Keela Borron (Parental Mental Illness Support)

    -Men’s Support Group

    -Women’s Support Group

    -Psychological Treatment Services 

    For more information contact:

    8 Market Street Ballarat VIC 3350

    (03) 5332 5344 ext.3 

Other services offered by Ballarat & District Aboriginal Cooperative (BADAC)

  • Baarlinjan Medical Clinic

    The Baarlinjan Medical Clinic is a primary healthcare service that specialises in Aboriginal health care, as well as servicing the wider community with their health needs. The Baarlinjan Medical Clinic uses an appointment system and all consultations are Bulk Billed.  

    The Baarlinjan Medical Clinic can also support Aboriginal families with pre-arranged transport, telephone access for follow up results or urgent health concerns and home visits for regular patients whose condition prevents them from attending the clinic. The Baarlinjan Medical Clinic is a bulk-billing clinic open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous clients.

    For more information or to make an appointment contact the Baarlinjan Medical Centre:

    5 Market St Ballarat VIC 3350

    03 5331 5344 (2)

  • Playgroup

    Provides children with the opportunity of discovering new and exciting activities in a safe and happy place to socialise and learn through play.   

    Playgroup is open to expecting mothers, Mum’s, Dads, Grandparents and carers.

    For more information contact:

    5 Market Street, Ballarat VIC 3350

    (03) 5331 5344

  • Maternal and Child Health Service

    Available to all families with Aboriginal Children and provides a supportive and culturally appropriate antenatal and postnatal service based around the needs of each individual family. 

    For more information contact the Baarlinjan Medical Centre:

    5 Market St Ballarat VIC 3350

    03 5331 5344 ext.2

  • Family Violence Program (FVP)

    Support for men and women to take responsibility for violent or abusive behaviours against family, ex/partners, and/or children. We provide practical support, as well as links to counselling programs to address problematic behaviours in a supportive and non-judgemental way. 

    For more information contact Ash, Matt or Tanya:

    4 Market Street Ballarat VIC 3350

    5331 5344

  • Therapeutic Day Rehabilitation Program – Making A Change (MAC)

    A therapeutic AOD day program for self-motivated people 18 years +. 

    The program aims to:

    •Promote behaviour change

    •Improve lifestyle, health & wellbeing

    •Reduce/cease the risks, harms & consequences of alcohol and other drug use

    •Assist participants to improve feelings of social connectedness

    •Improve daily living skills

    To express interest in participating in the program contact:

    5331 5344

  • Intergrated Family Services Program

    IFS, is a program that provides support to families experiencing difficulties on a range of issues, which can provide intensive support to families when needed. Referrals for BADAC IFS are often through Child First (CAFS) or self-referrals 

    Contact Child First on: (03) 5337 3388

    Or for more information contact: (03) 5331 5344

  • Youth Justice/Local Justice

    The Justice programs ensure the provision of support processes for members of the Aboriginal Community who are currently involved or are at risk of entering the justice system from 10 years of age though to adult hood including clients that are transitioning out of the justice system

    For more information contact:

    5 Market Street, Ballarat VIC 3350

    (03) 5331 5344 .

  • Youth Group (AKKT Group)

    Weekly program for Aboriginal primary school-aged children 5-16 years old. Held every Wednesday and Thursday (excluding public and school holidays) between 3:30pm to 5:00pm the youth group provides a variety of fun and exciting activities.

    For more information contact: (03) 5331 5344