Ballarat Community Health

Ballarat Community Health offers a wide range of services with the aim of improving and promoting community health.

12 Lilburne Street, Lucas, VIC, 3350
260 Vickers Street, Sebastopol, VIC 3356
10 Learmonth Road, Wendouree, VIC, 3355
19 Heales Street, Smythesdale, VIC 3351

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Ballarat Community Health

Opening Hours:
Monday 8:30am–5pm
Tuesday 8:30am–5pm
Wednesday 8:30am–5pm
Thursday 8:30am–5pm
Friday 8:30am–5pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed

Services matching "General Health & Wellbeing"

  • Child Health Program

    The Child Health Program aims to provide quality centred family care that focuses on the health and wellbeing of children aged 0-12 years. This includes early identification of need, assessment, intervention and referral. BCH is committed to early intervention and aim to increase vulnerable children’s access to timely and appropriate services including allied health.

  • Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Program

    Goal: To improve health and well-being outcomes for mothers and babies

    1. Improve women’s access and attendance at antenatal and post-natal services.
    2. Improve women’s access to a range of support services which may include health, welfare, housing and education services.
    3. Deliver health promotion education that aims to reduce maternal risk behaviours and promote a healthy developmental trajectory for babies – group work and individual education model- to work in collaboration with other perinatal services to enhance the learning environment and key messages.

    Phone Ballarat Community Health on 5338 4500

  • Branching Out Self-Esteem Group

    A group to help you build your self-esteem.
    The group covers many topics including:
    • How low self-esteem develops
    • How low self-esteem is maintained
    • Negative self-criticism and beliefs
    • Changing your view of yourself
    • Challenging negative beliefs and developing healthy self-esteem.

    It is not suitable for the following people: those who are homeless, recently separated or bereaved, in an abusive relationship and/or experiencing an untreated mental health issue.

    Phone Ballarat Community Health on 5338 4500 to speak to one of our counsellors to see if this group is suitable.

Other services offered by Ballarat Community Health

  • Youth Support Service (YSS)

    Youth Support Services provides case management and intervention within the young person's family and community context. The program aims to decrease young peoples involvement in offending and the youth justice system. Is a voluntary program for young people aged 10 - 18 yrs at risk of involvement with Youth Justice. Referrals from police, community agencies and self referrals.

    Contact Youth Support Service worker on 53384500.

  • Alcohol & Other Drug Counselling

    Support and counselling for individuals, family members and significant others experiencing alcohol and other drug related problems. Care and Recovery Coordination and Supportive case management for individuals who have complex Alcohol or Other Drug issues.

    Contact ACSO 5320 0000 or Ballarat Community Health on 53384500 or email

  • Care and Recovery Coordination

    Supportive case management for individuals who have complex Alcohol or Other Drug issues.

    Contact Ballarat Community Health on 53384500 or email

  • Alcohol & Other Drug Youth Outreach Worker

    A holistic approach working with young people aged 11-25yrs in their own environment and assisting individuals and family members with alcohol or drug related issues.

    Contact Ballarat Community Health on 53384500 or email

  • Withdrawal Services

    Assessment and support for home based or residential withdrawal from alcohol and others drugs for both adults and young people.

    Contact Ballarat Community Health on 53384500 or email

  • Creating Connections

    Creating Connections offers a voluntary program for young people aged 15-25yrs who are at risk of homelessness. Offers support with employment, education and training opportunities and life and living skills.

    Through referral from youth homelessness providers - Phone 5338 4500

  • Youth Housing

    Youth Housing is a voluntary Homeless Support Service program for young people between 15 and 25 who are homeless, at risk of homelessness and/or affected by family violence. The Youth Housing workers assist young people to access safe, secure and affordable housing, and to increase their independent living skills.

  • Therapeutic Day Rehabilitation Program – Making a Change

    A therapeutic AOD day program for self-motivated people 18 years +.
    The program aims to:
    •Promote behaviour change
    •Improve lifestyle, health & wellbeing
    •Reduce/cease the risks, harms & consequences of alcohol and other drug use
    •Assist participants to improve feelings of social connectedness
    •Improve daily living skills.

    Contact Ballarat Community Health on 53384500 or email

  • Needle Exchange Program

    Offers access to clean injecting equipment, disposal for used needles, health information and education, support and referrals to other health services. Information and resources are available during the day.

    Needle Exchange Service is available weekdays 9am - 5pm from the following BCH sites:
    Lucas – 12 Lilburne Street
    Sebastopol - 260 Vickers Street
    Wendouree (Cooinda) - 10 Learmonth Road
    Smythesdale (The Well) – 19 Heales Street.

  • Drink and Drug Driver Education Program

     Addresses issues relating to:
    -Individual substance use patterns
    -Skills training
    -Legal information
    -Medicines, other drugs, driving and road safety
    -Health and the effects of other drug use
    -Harm minimization

    Fees Apply 

    Contact Ballarat Community Health AOD team on 53384500.

  • Drink Driving

    Interlock & Court Assessments available - Fees apply

    Contact Ballarat Community Health AOD team on 53384500.

  • Harm Minimisation Drug Safety Worker

    Support for individuals in their own environment to reduce AOD related harm. Referrals for health related issues. Education and information to health providers and work within the community to reduce stigma.

    Contact Ballarat Community Health AOD team on 53384500.

  • Health Promotion

    Community school and work presentations. Qualified AOD professionals can tailor community, school and work presentations appropriate to need.

    Contact Ballarat Community Health AOD team on 53384500.

  • Family Violence Counselling

    Individual or shared counselling for women and young people who have experienced abuse or still experience abuse in their relationship with a partner or family member.

    Phone Ballarat Community Health on 5338 4500

  • Counselling

    The counselling program provides individual, couple and family counselling services to clients presenting with a broad range of complex problems, including: low self-esteem, grief and loss, depression and anxiety, parenting concerns, relationship difficulties and family violence. We also provide counselling for refugees and new arrivals.

  • Trauma and Torture Counselling

    This specialist counselling program is available to refugees and asylum seekers at any time following arrival in Australia. It aims to help survivors find a way forward as they strive to live with memories and consequences of their experiences with courage and dignity.

    Phone Ballarat Community Health on 5338 4500 for an appointment. Waiting times may apply. Intake staff will assess priority. Telephone interpreter services are available on request.

  • Doctors Clinic

    The four Doctor's Clinics provide a full range of general practice medical services. Our General Practitioners and Practice Nurses are committed to improving medical care for patients in regional and rural communities in Ballarat and the surrounding district.

    The Clinics adopt a friendly, non-judgemental approach in the delivery of examinations, treatment advice and referrals. Committed to both health promotion and prevention our clinics utilise a range of internal and external providers to deliver comprehensive care. Patients with a current concession card will be bulk-billed. Non-concession card holders will be asked to pay their accounts on the day of consultation.

    Reception is available Mon to Fri 8.30am- 5pm Via phone on (03) 5338 4585 - All clinics Appointments are necessary. 

  • Refugee Health Nurse

    The refugee health nurse co-ordinates access to health care for refugees and assists them to work towards independence. The program also provides ongoing health care and support to immigrant families and individuals.

    Phone Ballarat Community Health on 5338 4500 for an appointment.

  • Sexual Health Clinic

    The Sexual Health Clinic is located at Ballarat Community Health's Lucas site.
    Our team of qualified health professionals pride themselves in a non judgmental, welcoming clinic providing services to men and women of all ages. We do not discriminate; Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) and same sex attracted clients are welcome.

    An appointment can be made by phoning (03) 5338 4541 or call in to make one at 12 Lilburne Street, Lucas.

  • Consultation Services

    Information and support on sexual and reproductive health
    -Sexually Transmitted Infection Screens (STI): testing, counselling and treatments, you may not know you have an STI - most people have no symptoms.
    -Contraception Services: something you do or take to prevent pregnancy.
    These include;
    Mirena insertion and removal
    Implanon insertion and removal
    Copper IUD insertion and removal
    The Combined Pill
    The Minipill
    Depo Provera injections

    An appointment can be made by phoning (03) 5338 4541 or call in to make one at 12 Lilburne Street, Lucas.

  • Options Counselling (Unexpected Pregnancy)

    If you think you may be pregnant, we can provide pregnancy testing, counselling and advice, as well as referrals.

    An appointment can be made by phoning (03) 5338 4541 or call in to make one at 12 Lilburne Street, Lucas.

  • Youth Health Lawyer

    The youth health lawyer is a free, one day a week legal advice service (Mondays only) provided onsite at Ballarat Community Health (Lucas) or via outreach, for young people aged up to 25years. It is a general legal service providing advice on a range of legal issues including infringements, criminal matters, family law or family violence, police/PSOs, school, tenancy and employment issues. A young person can contact the youth lawyer service directly to make an appointment. Alternatively, anyone working in the Central Highlands area with a young person who is needing legal advice can make a referral to the service with the young person’s consent.

    For more information contact: