Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

Address: Ballarat South Community Hub, 11 Tuppen Drive, Sebastopol, Victoria 

Postal Address: PO Box 540W, Ballarat VIC 3350 

Phone: +61 3 5329 3273 



Office Hours:  

Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm, excluding public holidays. 

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Services matching "Volunteering"

  • Volunteering

    The Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre has a range of community development projects across the city which rely on volunteers to help us deliver them. In addition, our Community Garden requires regular volunteer support to help us grow vegetables for our social enterprise.  

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Other services offered by Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre

  • ACFE Training


    As an approved Learn Local organisation, Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre provides Adult, Community and Further Education (ACFE) pre-accredited training. Training is flexible and designed to meet learners' needs and support them to return to study, improve their literacy and numeracy skills, gain a qualification, broaden their employment options and learn new skills.  

    For details of all courses, download our course guide here

  • Enterprising Communities, ‘Our Kitchen’

    Our Kitchen is a social enterprise Take-Away café, providing healthy snacks, and light meals; catering to local organisations and businesses; and a retail line of jams and chutneys.

    Our Kitchen participants are long term unemployed clients of the Jobs Victoria Work & Learning Centre and by completing the program obtain pathways to employment and education opportunities in hospitality.  

    Participants enrol for 2 days per week for the 16 week course. During this time they attend 40 hours (2.5 hours per week) of preaccredited training designed to develop employability skills; gain certificates in Food Safety Handling and Barista Basics and develop skills from work experience in cooking, baking, coffee making skills, cash handling and kitchen operations.  

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