Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA)

Ballarat CASA offers free counselling and support for females and males who have experienced past and or recent sexual assault. We also provide support for non- offending partners, family, and friends. CASA counsellors aim to provide a safe and supportive environment to assist people to manage the impacts of their traumatic experiences and develop healthier ways of coping. Ballarat CASA is a same sex attracted, sex and gender diverse inclusive service. 

Ballarat Health Services, Sebastopol Complex, Cnr Vale and Edwards Street, Ballarat, VIC, 3350

(03) 5320 3933



  • 24hr Crisis Care Support

    24hr Crisis Care Support for recent sexual assault

    24 hour crisis care support is available for people who have experienced recent sexual assault (within 72 hours)

    A CASA counsellor will meet with the client at the Ballarat Base Hospital crisis care unit to provide information and support as well as options around a forensic medical examination if appropriate.

    Referrals are taken through the local police Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT). SOCIT can be contacted on (03) 53 366 055.

  • Outreach Services

    Ballarat CASA provides Outreach Services to Bacchus Marsh, Ararat, and Daylesford. 

    We also provide outreach services to schools and other organisations by arrangements.

    Inquiries and referrals for Outreach services to be directed through the Ballarat CASA intake worker 53203933

  • Sexually Abusive Behaviours Treatment Services

    CASA clinicians provide therapeutic treatment programs for children aged 3-10 years exhibiting problem sexual behaviours and young people 10-17 years exhibiting sexually abusive behaviours. Children or young people attending this program are aged up to 17 years when referred and have been displaying sexually abusive or problematic sexualised behaviours. Referrals are taken from schools, police, child protection, medical practitioners, welfare services, and parents.

    Inquiries and referrals to be directed through the Ballarat CASA intake worker 53203933

  • Support Groups

    Group work for survivors of sexual assault. 

    Support groups provide an opportunity for people who have experienced sexual assault to break down isolation and validate and normalise their experiences. We facilitate groups for men, women, and young people.

    If you are interested in being involved in any of our groups please speak with your CASA counsellor or contact the intake worker on 53203933

  • Counselling at Ballarat CASA

    Sexual assault trauma can have significant impacts on people. CASA counsellors work from a trauma informed perspective, understanding the ongoing impacts of sexual assault. Counselling aims to assist people to understand these impacts, develop healthier coping strategies and emotional regulation. 

    Sessions are generally 60 minutes, and your CASA counsellor will work with you to identify your goals.

    If you would like to access counselling, or advocacy and case management, at Ballarat CASA contact us, 9-5, Monday to Friday on (03) 53 203933, 1800 806 292 (free call), or via email, casa@bhs.org.au.

  • Workshops for Young People

    Workshops for young people:

    Ballarat CASA clinicians also deliver workshops at schools for young people and for teachers.

    Consent and healthy relationships.

    Cyber safety and bullying

    Impacts of pornography on young people

    Understanding and awareness of safe touches and boundaries

  • Secondary Consultation

    Ballarat CASA clinicians offer secondary consultation for other professionals working with victim/survivors of sexual assault.  

    Secondary consultation can help support and facilitate referrals to CASA and support workers in responding to a client's disclosures of sexual assault. We also offer debriefing around the impacts of client's disclosures for workers.  

    Inquiries and referrals to be directed through the Ballarat CASA intake worker 53203933