McCallum Disability Services Inc.

McCallum Disability Services has providing disability support services in the Central Highlands and Northern Grampians regions for over 60 years. McCallum’s responsive range of programs and services enable people with disability to maximise their opportunities in community life.

29 Learmonth Street Ballarat, Victoria

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McCallum Disability

Services matching "Housing & Accommodation"

  • Accommodation

    McCallum’s houses provide independent living options, as well as 24 hour a day live in support by qualified and experienced staff. Support is provided in all areas of a person’s life including skill development, personal care, recreation, leisure activities and goal setting. 

    The design of McCallum’s Accommodation options is for people to live as independently as possible with the required supports to meet their individual needs.

    The involvement of each person’s family, friends and support networks is strongly encouraged and promoted. This assists to maximise the person’s enjoyment and participation in the community.

    To find out more or to enquire about McCallum’s Accommodation options please call 5334 1921.

Other services offered by McCallum Disability Services Inc.

  • Community Connections

    McCallum's Community Connections program provides flexible day support in St Arnaud and Ballarat tailored to meet individual need. We support people to meet their goals in group and 1:1 arrangements, depending on their needs.  

    The Community Connections program supports you to increase valued roles and opportunities in the community. Our services are responsive, and we can provide flexible support in the areas of:

    Health and wellbeing

    Multimedia and the arts

    Personal development

    Skill development

    Social connections

    For more information or to enquire about McCallum’s Community Connections please call 5334 1921.

  • Support Coordination

    McCallum's Support Coordination staff are skilled at working with you to help you find and choose the best value and quality services available. 

    McCallum can help you through your NDIS transition by providing high quality support coordination.

    Support coordination includes:

    -Implementing and reviewing your NDIS plans with the aim of achieving the goals identified

    -Connecting NDIS participants with informal, mainstream and funded supports

    -Educating participants and their families/carers about the NDIS and supports available

    For more information or to enquire about McCallum’s Community Connections please call 5334 1921.

  • Flexible Respite Support

    Short Term Accomodation)

    McCallum also offers flexible respite support in Ballarat and St Arnaud. This might be in your home or somewhere else in the community. McCallum respite support is about what you and your family want, and we will work with you to determine the best place to provide flexible respite support.

    For more information or to enquire about McCallum’s Short Term Accommodation please call 5334 1921.

  • Employment - McCallum Linen

    McCallum Disability Services Inc. purchased Coronet Laundry in 2015 and renamed it McCallum Linen. McCallum Linen provides quality laundering services to Ballarat and the wider community, as well as providing specialist employment for people with a disability.

    McCallum Linen’s social enterprise model ensures meaningful employment is available to people with disability, who would otherwise find it challenging to secure work in an open employment environment.

    For more information please call: (03) 5334 1921


    McCallum Industries provides specialist employment options for people with disability in the Central Highlands region. McCallum Industries is an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) that provides suitable and sustainable employment for approximately 100 people with disability, as well as highly sought after specialist services for businesses in the region.

    McCallum Industries undertakes:

    - Specialist packing and assembly services

    - Industrial rag and cleaning cloth products

    - Clothing recycling and collection

    For more information please call: (03) 5334 1921


    McCallum's Lifestyle Options Program provides support to people who live independently, with their family or in shared accommodation with others, in both Ballarat and St Arnaud. 

    Lifestyle Options provides a service that is flexible and in tune with the changing needs of the people we support based on a person centred format.

    The Lifestyle Options program's primary focus is for people to assume as much control of their life as is possible, our staff will assist them in this pursuit. The Lifestyle Options program provides support to people in their home and in the community.

    For more information or to enquire about McCallum’s Lifestyle Options please call 5334 1921.