Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV)

Relationships Australia Victoria (RAV) is a valued provider of specialist family and relationship services. Our vision is for positive, safe and respectful relationships for couples, families, schools, workplaces and communities. RAV strives to support, strengthen and restore healthy relationships while assisting and protecting those experiencing negative and damaging relationships.

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Relationships Australia Vic

Opening Hours:
Monday 9am - 5pm
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  • Counselling

    We offer specialised counselling to individuals, couples and families for support with their relationships. Counselling facilitates discussion and provides support for matters that are most important to you. Counselling sessions are totally confidential, and provide an opportunity to discuss feelings, experiences and options.  

    We provide counselling for:

    For more information contact: (03) 5337 9222

  • Single Session Consultations

    A Single Session Consultation is an evidence-informed, client-focused counselling session. The focus of the session is on your greatest worry, challenge or difficulty and what you want to achieve from your meeting. Our aim is for you to leave the session with some ideas or strategies to try out. 

    Single Session Consultations are suitable for individuals, couples or families. They can be facilitated by one practitioner or sometimes two. A single session consultation involves a longer than usual counselling session and a follow up phone call to discuss the next steps.

    Single Session Consultations can be a helpful way to manage your immediate concerns.

    For more information contact: (03) 5337 9222

  • Telephone Counselling

    If you are unable to attend one of our centres due to geographical, physical or personal reasons, you can access our Telephone Counselling service which is provided for Victoria by the Ballarat Centre. 

    The Telephone Counselling Service also provides information and can direct callers to other available services and Relationships Australia centres.

    At an agreed appointment time, one of our experienced counsellors will be available to speak with you, or with you and your partner. The counsellor will be totally and exclusively available to you during your hour-long appointment. Our counsellors have helped many individuals, couples and families through difficult times and they will be able to offer you support, guidance and advice.

    While we charge fees for most services, all fees are appropriate for the service provided and your financial capacity to pay. When you call us, we will discuss the fees payable.

    Please note, the service is NOT a crisis line. For callers in immediate need, every effort is made to connect them to the appropriate crisis service.

    To enquire about our service and to book a telephone counselling appointment, call Toll Free 1800 817 569.

  • Pre-Marriage Program

    For couples who are marrying or making a formal commitment this is an ideal time to focus on the future and plan your lives together, beyond the big day.

    Our PREPARE program will help you to:
    • identify and build on the strengths of your relationship
    • share different perspectives
    • find out more about each other’s values
    • strengthen your communication skills
    • compare your expectations of the life a head together
    • explore ways to resolve conflict
    • set your individual and shared goals for the future
    • develop a financial plan together.

    By completing the program, you’ll have given each other a wonderful gift and made a great investment in your future.

    Our personalised approach to relationship preparation and enhancement can really make a difference to your partnership. You’ll understand more about yourselves, each other and your relationship.

    Each program is conducted over three private sessions with a professional RAV counsellor. Firstly, you each complete a questionnaire which covers a wide range of areas including your family backgrounds, life goals and personal perspectives. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers.

    In the sessions which follow, you work with your counsellor to use the computer-analysed outcomes from your questionnaires as a basis to discuss your lives together.

    Find out more or make an appointment Ballarat:

    Call (03) 5337 9222 

  • Reclaim Support Services

    Reclaim provides free comprehensive support for survivors of child sexual abuse and others who engage in or are affected by the Royal Commission process. We will provide a service if you are undecided about attending the Royal Commission or decide not to attend. 

    Call our dedicated number - 1800 052 674 to make an appointment or get more information about the service.

  • Family Dispute Resolution

    RAV offers Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), also known as mediation, to help couples who are separating to resolve their family law disputes. Disputes may include conflicts over child care, child support, financial arrangements and property settlement.

    We provide Family Dispute Resolution with a focus on redressing imbalances of power, safety, and the best interests of children.

    Parenting plans or agreements may be made in the Family Dispute Resolution process.

    We also offer child-inclusive and enhanced child-focused Family Dispute Resolution. These services recognise the importance of focusing on the needs of children during and after separation, and the value of consulting them during Family Dispute Resolution. 

    Find out more or make an appointment Ballarat:
    Call (03) 5337 9222 

  • Compass Support Services

    Compass is a Forced Adoption Support Service provided by Relationships Australia Victoria that’s provides: 
    -Information about relevant services and community resources.
    -Support with referral and linking to services such as ongoing counselling.
    -Advice and support on adoption-related issues and how they have affected you.
    -Support with record searching and the process of family reunion.
    -Small grants program aimed at building capacity and enhancing support for people affected by forced adoption.

    Anyone affected by adoption is eligible for Compass Support Services.

    To find out more, talk about how our services can help or to make an appointment, please call 1800 21 03 13 or visit 

  • Early Matters

    Support to help families strengthen healthy relationships and use their strengths to build solutions to challenges that arise.  

    We provide a group component for kids and parents that incorporates a range of educative group work that will be delivered in community health centres, kindergartens and primary schools.

    We've designed our educative early matters programs so that families identified as needing extra support will be offered the opportunity to be referred to our brief Home Visiting Service.

    Our family practitioners will help you and your family to assess needs, identify areas for change and to use your strengths to restore or repair your relationships.

    Find out more or make an appointment Ballarat:
    Call (03) 5337 9222