The Ballarat Regional Trades and Labour Council Incorporated

Trades Hall helps organise activities and campaigns with and on behalf of our affiliated unions. Some of the work Trades Hall is regularly involved in includes:

-Lobbying State Parliament on legislation that affects the lives of regional workers

-Coordinating Regional campaigns on industrial, political and social issues.

-Organising large rallies, marches, protests and other public events.

-Providing strategic advice and support for unions on individual campaigns.

-Communicating with the public and media about Trade Union issues.

-Assisting regional workers with advice and support on workplace issues.

24 Camp Street, Ballarat

(03) 5332 3666



Ballarat Trades Hall

  • The Young Workers Centre

    The Young Workers Centre is a one-stop-shop for young workers who want to learn more about their rights at work or who need assistance in resolving workplace issues. Our team of lawyers, organisers, educators and researchers seek to empower young people working in Victoria with the knowledge and skills needed to end workplace exploitation and insecurity.

    The Young Workers Centre produces resources aimed as assisting young people to understand their rights at work, such as fact sheets, as well as running training days and social events for young people who want to get more involved in the fight for safe and secure jobs. The Centre also provides personalised advice for young people who have come across issues at work such as unfair dismissal, bullying and harassment. The centre can offer advice and no cost legal referral. For ongoing legal assistance and complex cases there may be pro-bono or no win no fee condition. Trades Hall can also offer meeting and event spaces.

    The Young Workers Centre can offer information and advice in relation to:
    -Which award covers your workplace
    -The minimum wage
    -What junior rates of pay are and if they affect you 
    -The difference between casual and part time work
    -Your employer deducting money from your wage 
    -The right to be paid on time and receive a payslip 
    -Superannuation payments 
    -Unpaid Trials - Are illegal 
    -The right to join a union 
    -Illegal cash in hand jobs and the exploitation of young people

    P: 5332 3666
    Victorian Trades Hall Council